Why We Need Your Help

Westover Lawn

Roughly one-third of the population of Virginia lives within the James River Watershed. Are you one of them?

Every person living in the watershed can have an impact on the health of the James River.  It’s as simple as controlling polluted runoff from your lawn or recycling plastic bottles.

 At JRA we’re helping people understand their impact on the watershed. But we can’t do it alone. That’s why we rely on volunteers to help with our watershed restoration and clean-up programs and our  members who also provide their financial support for our programs.

Become a JRA Member to provide a Public Voice that helps ensure the creation of policies and regulations to protect the river; promote Education and Outreach programs for students, the future guardians of the river; help maintain two full-time Riverkeepers on the James River to serve as a continuous sentry on the river; and help us conduct Watershed Restoration efforts to help control runoff and clean up the streams that flow into the James River.
 We need everyone’s help to protect the James River for future generations to enjoy.  Support a healthier James River, become a member or make a gift to support JRA.

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