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2011 James River Expedition

2015 James River Expeditions

The James River Expeditions StudentsReady for the adventure of a lifetime, all while learning about the environmental and social benefits the James River provides to the state of Virginia. This year's Expedition will include thirty students from all parts of the watershed. This amazing journey all begins June 27th, 2015 at the headwaters of the James with 10 students and one teacher, along with JRA staff. The Expeditions will continue with two more 8-day trips, all concluding on August 1st in the Chesapeake Bay. When all said and done, 3 Expedition teams made up of 10 students and one teacher will have collectively paddled the 340 miles of America's Founding River.

This year marks the 5 year anniversary of this amazing adventure and is sure to be an experience that you will remember forever. Over the past 4 years, The James River Expedition has taken 107 students and 23 teachers from 34 schools in the James River watershed on the summer paddling trip of a lifetime. Join JRA and the entire James River community on this year’s James River Expedition.

With the continued support of the Dominion Foundation, the James River Association is proud to provide another summer of education on the water with the 5th running of the James River Expeditions. In 2014 JRA engaged three teachers and thirty students from 19 different high schools across the watershed. With this program now being in its fifth year, we are constantly working to improve our program, keeping with our mission of offering students and teachers a once in a lifetime experience.

In years past Expedition students were selected by participating teachers. With the success of last year’s open enrollment, we once again will have the selection process for this year’s trip be a rigorous one, giving JRA Educators an opportunity to hand select student’s they feel showed an interest in environmental stewardship and demonstrated the quality of maturity and leadership necessary to benefit from this opportunity.

The FAQ page can help answer questions about this unique experience as well as provide a link to the applications for both teacher co-leaders and student team members

For more information about the 2014 James River Expeditions contact Georgia Busch at or at 804.788.8811 ext. 214.

The 2015 James River Expeditions Schedule:

James River Expedition Trip Dates

Envison the JamesFor the first time, the Expedition will be a part of three Envision The James forums at which the public will have an opportunity to interact with students on the Expedition. Envision The James is a collaborative initiative that invites communities and individuals to create a common vision for the James River to benefit future generations. Meeting dates, maps, and information about the James River can be found at

Highlights from the 2011 James River Expedition: